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Qulix has created to provide professional software development, IT consulting and testing services. They have specifically targeted it towards their European, Russian and US customers. Their main focus with Standfore is to be able to provide custom development of complex software systems and comprehensive mobile applications. Standfore have designed and implemented quality banking solutions which they have made tailor fit to the business needs of their customers. Their business analysts work very closely with UX designers, UI designers and visual designers. As a result, they are able to produce an uncluttered and intuitive system interface which is easy to use. This ensures the most successful marketing related to remote banking solutions.
They have a total of 350 business analysts, developers, designers and QA specialists They also cater to more than 20 bank customers and 85% of their staff are focused on e-channels development projects. They offer both retail banking and corporate banking. For retail digital banking, they provide the most superior digital user experience. They also take a personalized approach to each of their clients in order to ensure that they achieve a unified user experience across all of their digital channels. It is made very easy and simple for everyone’s convenience.
Standfore can be integrated with everything at any given place which makes it a remarkable banking solution. It’s a quick functionality extension which allows its users to be on top of their banking priorities. It also has a customizable UI and it has various types of user interaction channels. These include online banking, mobile banking, bank portal and front office. For online banking, Standfore – banking software company provides its users easy web access using Standfore Online. For mobile banking, it efficiently delivers services using Standfore Mobile. Bank portal is a unique virtual branch which makes use of the Standfore Portal. Finally, the front office is a bank branch automation using the Standfore front office.
Standfore has continuously created digital banking solutions for the past several years. They understand the global retail banking trends and the best practices on how to achieve the most benefits. They make use of several approaches to meet their goals. The company has already implemented various innovations and ideas specifically targeting the improvement of their bank services for their clients. Their customers will continuously benefit from all the advantages and opportunities they can achieve from Standfore’s innovative solutions like They have been able to fine tune their retail e-banking strategies in order to achieve the best results.